Sunday, May 5, 2013

New Releases: May 5-11

This week's new releases:


Faye M. said...

Finally got he 5th Wave! For some reason, my bookstore was selling it early. Unfortunately, because of the hype, I expected too much and was ultimately disappointed :( Oh, well. Looking forward to getting Icons + The Originals!

Faye @ The Social Potato

Ariella Blake said...

There's a bunch of awesome new releases this week on my calender :) I'm definitely the most excited for the 5th wave and hopefully it'll live up to its hype!

-Ariella @ Secrets of Lost Words

Erika A said...

I haven't read many reviews for it but I know a lot of people love it so I'm hoping I don't expect too much because it sounds like an awesome book. Sorry you didn't like it!

Erika A said...

Yeah there definitely is! I'm excited for the 5th Wave too but I also really want to read Doll Bones.

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