Sunday, September 16, 2012

Liebster Blog Award (Again)!

I've been tagged for the Liebster Blog Award again but this time I was tagged by 2 B Read. Thank you! Don't forget to check out their blog!

The Rules:
  1. Thank and link back to the giver
  2. Answer the award giver's questions
  3. Nominate 5 other blogs that have fewer than 200 follower
  4. Ask 5 questions for one's nominees to answer  
When typing something up on Word do you prefer Calibri or Times New Roman? Does it matter?
To me it actually does. I love the Times New Roman font (probably because I'm so used to it) and I really don't like Calibri. I always type in Times New Roman on Word.

Do music and books go together for you a lot? If so name a song that goes with a book purely by lyrics, and another by association (in other words it doesn't make sense that the book goes with the song but for you it does anyway) If not, do you need it to be completely silent to read or can there be background noise?
It depends on what I'm reading. If I'm reading a challenging book or a book for school then it has to be completely silent but when I'm reading just for fun then it doesn't matter. I actually like matching songs to books. I think I'd have to say that Haunted by Taylor Swift goes with The Infernal Devices because I think it perfectly describes Will and Tessa and even Jem. If your Team Will then you'll probably see the connection I made. Maybe? Now I really want to listen to that song.

Do you have a favorite book? Or do you hate the idea of having to choose and avoid questions like this at all costs?
I have multiple favorites so I guess I do try to avoid these questions. I guess I would have to say that Clockwork Angel is my favorite book at the moment. It's just so hard to choose!

Do you like looking at quotes from past books you've read? Does it make you want to read them again?
I spend hours on Goodreads just looking up quotes. I actually found Goodreads because I was looking up quotes. It does make me want to read them again. Especially the ones with really sad or meaningful quotes.

How long does it typically take you to read a book? (avg 400+ pages)
It depends on how much time I have and if I like the book. During the school year I have absolutely no time so probably a week or two. During the summer it would probably take me a day or two.

My Questions
Why did you decide to start a blog?

Do you judge a book by its cover?

If you could write a book what would it be about?

Have you always been a reader? If not then what book got you into reading?

Would you rather read one absolutely amazing book your entire life or read books that were only ok or bad for the rest of your life?

I Nominate
Downright Dystopian
The Humble Watermelon
Leopard Kitty Girl Books
Lov'in Literature
A Book Paradise


  1. thank you for the nomination!!!!Congarats on the award!

  2. Congrats on the award again Erika! XD

  3. THANKYOU FOR THE NOMINATION!!:D congrats on the award background buddy:"))))


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