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ARC Review: Jar of Pandora by Marisette Burgess

Jar of Pandora by Marisette Burgess
Published: November 1, 2012
Publisher: WRB Books
Series: Symbol of Hope #2
My Rating:  3 of 5 stars

Synopsis: Kasey Reese ran from a life of responsibility to study abroad in Deia, Spain. She hoped for an adventure, but what unfolded in Spain was beyond the imaginable. In that remote little village she met the love of her life, Dion - a twenty-year-old immortal saint.

Kasey and Dion return to America only to realize their love is challenged by their opposite virtues and Kasey’s dysfunctional family.

Unique and action-packed, in this book Kasey learns that Pandora is her immortal grandmother. Determined to find her and to uncover many truths, Kasey sets out with Dion on a deadly journey. But answers come with a great cost - a three thousand year old prophecy, a feud of the gods and death.

My Review: I remember that I really enjoyed Men of the Cave but I felt like this book was very different from the first one. First of all they weren't in Spain anymore and I really liked the Spain part because I'd never been to Spain so reading about it was kind of like traveling there.

Then there was the love triangle. Now I'm not really a fan of love triangles. I think I only really love three love triangles but I kind of felt that the Kasey-Dion-Teal love triangle was not needed. The first half of the book was basically Dion saying that he wasn't good for Kasey and that they shouldn't be together. He even told Teal to try to win her back and he told Kasey to try to love Teal again. I found that very strange even when I understood the reasoning behind it. It made me want to knock some sense into Dion because him and Kasey are just meant to be! I mean I knew that Kasey and Teal wouldn't work out and I found it very frustrating when Kasey couldn't really admit that she knew she didn't love Teal the same way she loved Dion. So the first half of the book was pretty much all about the romance. I actually really liked the romance between Dion and Kasey but I'm very annoyed by Dion's no sex before marriage thing because he kept leading her on and then he got mad when she wanted to take it to the next level. I'm fine with his beliefs but just don't lead her on.

In the second half of the book things really started to pick up. I just love Nolan he's my favorite character out of that book besides James and Sam. He's just so adorable and when I'm annoyed by the Kasey-Dion-Teal drama he's always there to make it better. And James and Sam just make it so much more interesting. Then we finally meet Pandora and some Greek Gods! I actually really loved how Athena was a child. I found it hilarious. They fought a dragon too! Every good story needs a dragon because I just love dragons. At the end someone died (I won't say who) but I never saw the character's death coming!

So overall I liked the book. It was a little hard to get into but once I got past the first half of the book it was so much better. Jar of Pandora was also just as unique as the first book which was great! I think I liked Men of the Cave a little bit better though because I loved how they were in Spain and there was more Sam and James. 

*I received this book from the author. Thank you!


  1. Its rough to review a book when you really had a hard time with one half of the book, but enjoyed the second half!!
    this is an issue I come across a lot.
    Im glad it ended up gettin better though!

    Great review


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