Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thoughts for Thursday: Adult Books

Over the past year or so, I've realized that most of the characters in the books I read I younger than me. It's a strange thought since I've never thought of myself as older or even remotely like an adult, but I'm 18 and I'll be going to college next school year. I still love young adult books and will probably (hopefully) never stop reading them, but I also want to expand my horizons and try more new adult and adult books.

Recently I read The Song of Achilles and I absolutely loved it. While reading it I kept thinking about whether I should write a review because I typically skip reviews for books that aren't considered young adult. But when I finished it I knew exactly what I would say if I wrote a review, but I was still hesitant. Why? I think that's partially because I've never written and posted a review of an adult book and I was almost a little scared because I've always thought of adult books as something that I wasn't old enough for or something like that. I felt like I should be restricted to only young adult books because for awhile those were the only books I could relate to. I had the same feeling when I went from middle grade books to young adult books. I think that's mostly because instead of reading about characters that are my age or slightly younger than me, they are now more likely to be older than me, which can give the book a very different feel.

I've still only read a handful of adult books and most of them were for school, but I really want to start reading some more adult and new adult books. I'm probably still going to read young adult books more than adult books, but if you see some adult book reviews pop up, just know that I'm not leaving the young adult books behind, I'm just trying to find some more great books to read.

Did you ever feel like your were confined to certain age groups for books?


  1. I think you should review adult books -- especially those with crossover appeal. I have The Song of Achilles in my high school library. I read your review, and have (once again) added this to my pile. Some day I'll get to it!

  2. I agree with you 100%. Just read what you like whether it's YA, Adult, Fantasy, whatever! There will be some YA books that you like and some Adult ones too. One just has different subject matter!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  3. @Annette I'm so glad you're thinking about reading it!

    @Laura Thanks and I'll definitely be trying to find more adult books next time I'm looking for a book

  4. I've been venturing into the adult fiction a bit more myself. I personally don't feel any special need to do it. I love YA because it feels like writers are free to do so much more with it. They can play with so many crazy world building ideas and younger readers will accept it. Adults (in general; not as a rule) seem to be a lot more skeptical with what they'll accept in terms of crazy story ideas. Middle Graders and Young Adults? Nah; if it's weird and bizarre and new and unique, they'll give it a try. But there are some really awesome Adult books out there, too - like The Night Circus or All The Light We Cannot See. So, really, I enjoy both, but I love the freedom of crazy ideas that YA and MG has.

  5. I totally agree with that. I actually recently discussed this in one of my classes and I found it really interesting because some people are willing to suspend their disbelief if a book is written well enough, while others might not. I also think for some YA books it's kind of necessary to be weird because there are just so many books out there now with similar plots that in order for something to stand out it has to be different.


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