Thursday, July 13, 2017

Spoilers: Love or Hate Them?

 Thoughts for Thursday is a discussion post mainly about book related things. It isn't every week, but we try to do it as often as possible.

When it comes to spoilers there are many people that hate them, while others will readily spoil plots and endings for themselves (and other people). I am one of those people that "accidentally" spoils things for people when I'm talking to them. I don't necessarily mean to, but I sometimes just get caught up in what I'm saying about a book, movie, or show and keep going until I've told the person everything I know about it.

When spoiling things for myself, I have mixed feelings about it. Sometimes I'll want to skip right to the end and read the last sentence or page because I'm too impatient to wait to get there. I've done that a lot less recently, but I still feel the temptation. The only reason that I stop myself is because I like the initial reaction I get when I read about the twist or ending when I'm supposed to. Reading things in order, usually yields the most emotional reactions from me and weirdly enough, I enjoy crying over a book.

At the same time, I like reading teasers or little spoiler-y snippets from a book I'm excited about. I remember back when The Infernal Devices books were coming out I would live for the little teasers or spoilers. They would keep me somewhat satisfied until the book came out and get me even more excited to read it.

As for spoilers in reviews, I tend to avoid them when I'm looking at other people's reviews. I also try to keep my reviews as spoil free as possible, but sometimes it's so freaking hard. Sometimes the spoiler-y thing will be something that could make or break whether someone likes the book, so do you include it in the review? I know that you could put a warning or spoiler tags, but I would rather just try to avoid it altogether or say what I have to say without actually spoiling.

It definitely seems like I have a love/hate relationship with spoilers.

Do you avoid or seek out spoilers?


  1. I personally don't like spoilers about a book, makes me not want to read it if I know how it ends. I'm not so fussy about spoilers for movies tho, that's also why I'd rather read the book before seeing the film version

    1. I definitely feel the same way about movies

  2. I love spoilers! If I bought a book, I would usually skip towards the end to know the ending lol. But I guess I'm on the minority side.


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